About us


Black in Data represents a community of academics, professionals, and students working in various areas of data. We gather to support, learn from, and share opportunities with one another, and ultimately increase representation of Black people in data fields.

We aim to:

  1. Provide community and a support system for Black people in data across the Black diaspora.
  2. Encourage growth in our professional and academic learning paths.
  3. Elevate the voices and experiences of Black people working in data fields.


We value the full range of ALL Black people’s lived experiences, and also how this impacts their journeys in the broad field of data.


  1. To create a week-long celebratory #BlackInDataWeek campaign to

     (1) highlight the valuable work and experiences of **Black** people in the field of data 
     (2) provide community  
     (3) educational and professional resources
  2. To support an online community of Black people working in different data fields (via our Twitter page).

  3. To curate a mentorship space for Black students (at all levels) in various areas of data.

Use our influence and support to help raise funds for various initiatives seeking to invest in the data education of Black people.

Our organising committee came together in August 2020 to uplift and amplify the voices of Black people in data sciences. We are a global team and have worked through the COVID-19 pandemic and heightened discussion around racial injustice to create something positive (for ourselves and our community).

We introduce ourselves on our Team page, but acknowledge the contributions of numerous people who got us on our feet in our infancy, including: Jenea Adams (founder of the Black Women in Computational Biology Network), Asia Mitchell and Emmanuel Garcia.