Getting the job and growing in the job: Career Development and Mentorship

Job panel with Matthew Finney, Keita Broadwater, Dr. Anas Turabi, Faith Umoh, Dr. Shelby Wilson,with a focus on the role of professional mentorship

Integrating Tableau and R with Jarrett Hurms

Jarrett Hurms shares methods for integrating Tableau and R.

Scrapping for a Data Job with Sia Seko

Scrapping for a Data Job: A brief description of natural language processing, and an ongoing application of it to show how it is being used to make a data science job search more efficient

Introduction to R with Dr. A. Nayena Blankson

Machine Learning Tutorial with Ayodele Odubela

Data Journeys Panel

TIDES Fireside Chat with Kimberly (Health Information Technology), Odane (Informatics), Teneika (Data Science), Alise (DA/DE), Amber (Epidemiology), Ruth (Social Science), Blossom (Newbie)

Data analytics careers after 40 with Kimberly Deas

Lunchtime webinar on how to enter the data analytics careers after age 40.


Further fostering community for Black people in data, by encouraging them to share their varied journeys in data.


Giving Black people in data a space to introduce themselves and their work. Introducing and valuing intersecting parts of their identities. We welcome contributions from a wide spectrum of Data Fields including but not limited to Informatics, Technology, Data Science, Coding, Social Science and Data Analytics.


Join the Black in Data community!