Professional Development

Getting the job and growing in the job: Career Development and Mentorship

Job panel with Matthew Finney, Keita Broadwater, Dr. Anas Turabi, Faith Umoh, Dr. Shelby Wilson,with a focus on the role of professional mentorship

Live viewing/tweeting of coded bias with Anna Gifty

Join #BlackinData for a live viewing of #CodedBias in honour of #BlackinDataJustice hosted by Anna Gifty, [@itsafronomics](, an emerging researcher interested in data bias and algorithmic fairness!

Bias in AI Algorithms

Webinar with Dr. Marshall Dataedx on AI algorithms and Alise Otilia Ramirez

Algorithmic Fairness with Matthew Finney

Matthew Finney shares methods for algorithmic fairness.

We're #BlackInData--here's why you should be too

Learn about BlackInData.

Integrating Tableau and R with Jarrett Hurms

Jarrett Hurms shares methods for integrating Tableau and R.

Visualize Your Data Journey

Workshop with Teneika Askew

Data Visualization Tools for Entrepreneurs

Data Visualization Tolls for Entrepreneurs with Sekou Tyler

Avoid the Blank Stare: How to Tell a Great Story with Data

Candra McRae will teach the audience how to tell a story with data

COVID19 Health Disparities with Andrea Hobby

Andrea Hobby describes current trends of health disparities exhibited in COVID19 patients.