Integrating Tableau and R with Jarrett Hurms

Jarrett Hurms shares methods for integrating Tableau and R.

Visualize Your Data Journey

Workshop with Teneika Askew

Data Visualization Tools for Entrepreneurs

Data Visualization Tolls for Entrepreneurs with Sekou Tyler

Avoid the Blank Stare: How to Tell a Great Story with Data

Candra McRae will teach the audience how to tell a story with data

COVID19 Health Disparities with Andrea Hobby

Andrea Hobby describes current trends of health disparities exhibited in COVID19 patients.

Black In Data Visualisation Challenge

Do you enjoy visualization and storytelling? Enter the Data Viz Competition to showcase your data visualization technical and artistic skills, all while competing for the top prize. May the most visually stunning, captivating, and attention grabbing data visualization win. We provide the data, you provide the visuals! Challenge begins Nov. 19th.


Creating space for Black people in data to share their work in the form of favourite data visualisation images.

Scrapping for a Data Job with Sia Seko

Scrapping for a Data Job: A brief description of natural language processing, and an ongoing application of it to show how it is being used to make a data science job search more efficient

Introduction to R with Dr. A. Nayena Blankson


Discussing the skills Black people in data have learned, communal sharing of resources and advice for skills development.