Black In Data Visualisation Challenge

Nov 19, 2020 8:00 AM — Jan 4, 2021 7:00 AM

As creators of Black In Data, we are mindful of the harmful ways Black people have been presented in data historically and to this day. We are interested in unpicking how we relate this this, as Black data professionals, and how we work against this in our day-to-day. We are hosting the “Black In Data Visualisation Challenge” to showcase the data visualisation skills of the many talented Black people in the field of data sciences. We also host this challenge to highlight data that shows Black people in a positive light (we thought long and hard about which dataset to use - we hope you like it), and to highlight the power of collaboration (as seen in ours with the Data Visualization Society).

Details to be dropped soon! Official Launch will be Nov. 19th!

Victor Ekuta
Victor Ekuta
Medical Student

I’m Black in data because Black data (and representation) matters.

Kailande Cassamajor
Kailande Cassamajor
Undergradute Student

I’m Black in Data because I am interested in using data science to assist in the effort to create real-time, measurable impact that benefits marginalized communities.